Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Nina's 8 Month

I honestly can't say enough sweet things about Amy and the Uffinger family.  She has truly been an amazing, beautiful, loving and heartfelt client of mine over the past several years. Amy continues to send her amazing friends and family my way for their photo sessions and she has had me document her milestones in life.

Engagement, wedding, Max's first year and now Nina's first year!!

Nina is now eight months and I am loving every moment I have with her in front of the camera.  She is always as cute as a button.  Today was no different, she was wearing an adorable little floral cotton romber that fit her perfect!

Ofcourse, don't get me started on Amy's wardrobe.  I absolutely was drooling over her beautiful wrap skirt!!

I must say that we lucked out with the weather.  I would have never known it was so awful just the day prior and of course, tomorrow will be just as bad they say.

April showers bring May flowers!!  Spring is in full force.

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