Wednesday, March 1, 2017

One Year Results

I wanted to share with you from Eloise's recent session how fun it is to create a series during your child's first year.  These guys decided to do one of my 'WATCH ME GROW' newborn to one year packages and it has been really neat putting this into perspective.

The impact of seeing the changes and growth during their child's first year was really neat!  With each session we had, we made sure to keep the location the same as well as a similiar time frame so for the end of the year, we could do something similiar to this concept.

I always am drawn to documentary and lifestyle portrait work because it is through these images where I can look back and notice not only how much Eloise has changed over the course of the year but her personality as well.

She truly was a blessing to have captured in front of the camera and I am secretly hoping to have more 'Watch Me Grow' documentary packages in the near future!!!! These are just so fun!

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