Thursday, March 9, 2017

Canary Gallery

The Canary Gallery is one of Birmingham's latest and greatest treasures and I was very excited when gallery owner, Libby Pantazis inquired with me about photographing her beautiful gallery space.

The gallery is located in the heart of downtown's historic district.  This prime location not only attracts art lovers but foodies, music lovers and night life... which I think it is safe to say that the downtown's historic district is by far my favorite place to go within the Birmingham area.

The Canary Gallery's new space fits perfectly on the corner of 2nd ave. and 22nd street. It's presence helps not only promote local artist and the arts but it also gives this area a sense of community and life to this district.

If you have not already stopped by to check out this beautiful gallery, I encourage you to do so! For the past handful of years I have witnessed some really positive and encouraging changes within Birmingham and I feel this great city will continue to thrive with the help and support of locals who work and live here.

I would like to personally thank Libby for helping to brighten up our city with her love of community and the arts.  Thank you!

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