Monday, February 20, 2017

Eloise is One!


For the past year I have really enjoyed seeing the Howell family!  Erin and Patrick have always been a lot of fun to have in front of the camera.  I can remember a handful of years ago having photographed them for the first time on the University of Alabama campus for their engagement photos.

It's been a true honor and joy to have them include my photography services for their first born, Eloise!  Seeing her grow and change over the past year has been very rewarding.  This past weekend was our final session from their 'Watch Me Grow' package.

Looking back on all our sessions with her really is amazing to see how much can change within a year.

I loved our three part series, having taken place at the comfort of their beautiful home with each session.  From newborn, 6 month to her final session of one year, it is really something to look back and see the similarities yet changes that take place in a child's first year.

Thank you again for the opportunity!  I really enjoyed documenting this stage in Eloise's first year!!

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