Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 Transitions

What a year!!  I can personally say that 2016 was good to me and my family and hope it was the same for you too.  I do know that with the arrival of our new year that I am embarking new territory.

I told myself back in 2006, when I opened the business, that I would give myself 10 years in the wedding industry.. as many of you that know me, know that I never foresaw myself as a traditional wedding photographer in the first place. I just happened to find myself there as referrals were strong.. so I continued on for many years until I realized it was time for a transition.

So, fast forward to now and you will see the transitions I have made over the years as I have slowly added my lifestyle approach that I once used in weddings to newborn and other portrait sessions.

Hopefully this year, I want to find my niche in not just newborn/infant photography but in those individuals who desire portraiture stripped raw of all the bells and whistles of props and fads.

Yes, this year I hope to not only continue to stay true with what my vision is but also attract individuals who desire the sweet, intimate moments in photography that I like to call 'lifestyle' based portraiture.

So.. what is new for 2017?  I wouldn't say too much but I would say that you will see more newborn & children lifestyle sessions and less weddings.

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