Monday, January 16, 2017

Baby Cooper

I have really enjoyed meeting some of the fresh faces for the new year!  This past week I got to meet and photograph another beautiful newborn baby.. His name is Cooper and he just turned three weeks this past Friday!

He is a handsome little fella and I couldn't of been happier to take part with his first photo session. Krisi and Chase were kind enough to let me join in on their new chapter in life called parenthood. I was fortunate enough to document their wedding day so this means all the more to me to take on this journey..

These first time parents make a great team and capturing this time in their life has been very rewarding.  I love seeing these two as new parents and hope that they are enjoying this new year having a new name.. 'mom and dad'!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Emma Grace ventures

I have been looking forward to the moment that I would meet Emma as I have been friends with Amber and Frankie for about ten years now!

I can remember when Amber and Frankie broke the news that they were expecting this past summer when we were all vacationing in Hilton Head.  I was so happy to hear the news and now fast forward several months later and it all makes perfect sense as I see them parenting together.

Getting to experience this new mom and dad as first time parent's was so special to me.  I was happy to have gotten the chance to hang out the evening before our session the following morning. I seriously must have asked them a hundred questions.. 'how does this work, what does that do, how often is she eating, what is that called and so many more.'

Yep, I learned a lot about that latest baby stuff the past couple days and even got to hold the sweet baby while we sat and watched t.v.

I enjoyed holding and bonding with the new model I was to photograph the next morning :) 

Thank you for opening your home to me during this special time in both your lives. The Cascio family were great hostess and it allowed my overnight trip to Charlotte feel like I was right at home.

It was great to be back in Charlotte!!  

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Newborn Minis 2017

With the changing dynamics of my business, I am in the process of incorporating different mini sessions and portrait packages that will hopefully be beneficial for all individuals.. After several years of photographing mini-holiday family sessions with success, I feel it only fair to offer these smaller versions of my full sessions year round!

There are many individuals I come across who are expecting or have inquired with my services who really don't need but a few great images of their new baby.. This is a great alternative for those who want to stay within their budget or who really just want a handful of great photos to use towards their baby announcement without needing to go through an hour long process!

These newborn sessions are good for individual baby sessions up to two weeks old!  The twenty minute session focuses on the baby in the comfort of their home.. The session can take place in the nursery, the living room or the parent's bedroom as these sessions are lifestyle based, with an emphasis on natural portraiture.

If you prefer the hour long session that is a little more extensive.. these portrait sessions start at $250 and go up from there.  So hopefully, there is a little something for everyone!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

2017 Transitions

What a year!!  I can personally say that 2016 was good to me and my family and hope it was the same for you too.  I do know that with the arrival of our new year that I am embarking new territory.

I told myself back in 2006, when I opened the business, that I would give myself 10 years in the wedding industry.. as many of you that know me, know that I never foresaw myself as a traditional wedding photographer in the first place. I just happened to find myself there as referrals were strong.. so I continued on for many years until I realized it was time for a transition.

So, fast forward to now and you will see the transitions I have made over the years as I have slowly added my lifestyle approach that I once used in weddings to newborn and other portrait sessions.

Hopefully this year, I want to find my niche in not just newborn/infant photography but in those individuals who desire portraiture stripped raw of all the bells and whistles of props and fads.

Yes, this year I hope to not only continue to stay true with what my vision is but also attract individuals who desire the sweet, intimate moments in photography that I like to call 'lifestyle' based portraiture.

So.. what is new for 2017?  I wouldn't say too much but I would say that you will see more newborn & children lifestyle sessions and less weddings.