Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Dobbs Family

 When Lisa contacted me about doing their family photos again this year it reminded me I had not spoken to my dear friend in well over a year!!  How did we let this happen?  I didn't even realize she had moved and that her beautiful mom was engaged!!

What an exciting time for everyone!!  This is what happens when you don't keep touch, you almost don't know where to start when you do meet up. How to catch up on lost time is almost impossible.

Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to seeing everyone this past Sunday for the Dobbs family session.  When I did see my sweet friend Lisa for the first time in ages, it was like no time had passed at all.. We always say, this is how you know who your friends are.  You can always pick up where you left off.

All the babies aren't babies anymore!!  They have discovered how to pose and smile on cue..they are all so precious.  I love that all the cousins have so much fun when they get together and play.  They are already the best of friends and what makes things better is that they will forever be family!!!

So many sweet moments to capture with everyone and I am reminded not to wait so long until next time I see these sweet faces.

Monday, November 28, 2016

The Meador Mini Fam Session

The holiday season means so many different things to so many people.  I personally have come to look forward to the traditions that Thanksgiving and Christmas bring.  These traditions include ofcourse some of my favorite family recipes, getting together with friends I never see and not to mention my on-going standing appointment with the Meador family!!

Nicole is one of my girlfriends that I seldom get to see.. so it seems that every year, the week of Thanksgiving, she is kind enough to give me a ring and schedule in her handsome family that consist of her adorable sons, Parker and Chase as well as her charming husband, Mike Meador!

Ofcourse, the family dog, Drake, is the most well behaved dog I have yet to cross paths with.. I am even curious to see if the little fellow would smile if I asked him to. As always, Parker and Chase were a true joy to see again and I guarantee this time next year they just may be almost as tall as their mom!

This year, as they traveled from Georgia, we decided that Birmingham's Rail Road Park would be the most convenient stopping place before their final destination of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

I must say that I think it was a great place to meet, catch up on life and see my beloved girlfriend!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Shoultz Fam

 After a long weekend full of photo sessions, I am almost caught up with my edits before I start again for the upcoming weekend!  Fall is one of my busiest and yet most rewarding times of the year as a photographer.. and as we start to come to a close from the holiday rush, I am left with some pretty cute photos to add to this year's photography folio collection.

Jack is a great example of shy yet outgoing.  He has such a big heart and even offered me a kiss on my cheek! He had just woken from his nap, so I think it was safe to say, he was in a good mood!

This is the second year to photograph the Shoultz Christmas session and like many other dog owners, I must say.. they are family too!!  So, without question, Bailey had her a spot reserved for this year's photo and I must say, she did a pretty good job.

These guys have the perfect playground as a back yard.  There are so many trees and woods that help create a beautiful backdrop of color.  I even got to see a handful of deer with their babies!!  It is a great set up and convenient to have a fence to keep Bailey under wraps.

Jack's smile is contagious and his magnetic personality can warm any room! I've really enjoyed seeing these guys over the past couple of years.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Moore Family

I can't stop bragging on what awesome client's I've had for this year's annual fall family sessions.  I must say that I have had roughly 90% return clients and a small percentage of new clients for this year's bookings.

My return clients always hold a special place in my heart because I get to use our session time as a time to catch up with them and see how much changes from the previous years.  It's always nice to compare past sessions with the newer ones and it's also fun to go on new adventures together at different locations that they may have never thought about venturing to before.

The Moore family is another great example of having them for the first time as a family session last year to seeing them on the books for this year's annual fall photos!

"Welcome to the best time of year!".  We didn't sweat and it's hard not to enjoy all the changing colors of the trees! I hope that they had as much fun as I did and hope to see them again next year!!

Aubrey & Matthew

These two brothers have been such fun getting to know over the past several years!  Aubrey and Matthew have sooo much personality that I honestly feel it impossible not to capture in camera.  Aubrey is in 2nd grade this year and his baby brother Matthew isn't really a baby anymore at the ripe old age of five!!!

I know these two are excited about the upcoming holiday.  There is so much to look forward to such as the school's Christmas break, Santa Claus, good food and fixins!!  What I'd love to give to be their age again!!

I have come to look forward to seeing the Kilgore siblings each year. It's been an honor seeing them turn into the fine young boys that they are!

Shunnarah Family

I can now officially say I have photographed all the KASSIS sisters!!!  Yay!  This past Saturday, I finally had my first session with Tanya and her beautiful family.  I want to thank the Shunnarah family for wanting to join in on the fun, as I have been photographing the other two sisters for the past few years.

It was like the missing piece to the puzzle when Tanya contacted me last month to schedule her family's photo session.

Big brother Sam and his little brother Isaiah were adorable and unbelievably great at taking direction for a five and three year old!!  I must say that these two siblings made my job all the more easier.  It was a great way to start my Saturday morning for sure!

Thank you to the Shunnarah family for finally giving me a chance to take your family photo! I enjoyed working with you all this past weekend!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Morrison Mini

Those who know me and my photo sessions know that they are generally easy breezy, painless, quick and in and out. One of my recent clients joked that it takes them longer to get ready than for one of my photo sessions.

This is why mini-sessions seem to be such a great hit for me during the holiday rush of family photos.  Lets face it.. not everyone LOVES having their photo taken but they do love having an updated photo to put on their Christmas card.. so if you fit in this category, then I think a mini-session is just what you've needed all along.

So when a long time friend, Lauren, contacted me about just needing one good shot and asked if I can do a 'quick' session.. I said with pride.. " I think this is something I can do."

She signed up for a mini-session and 15 minutes later, I feel that she may have gotten her shot she needed for this year's Christmas card.

It was so great seeing her in front of the camera.  This was our first family session to have together and I loved seeing them on this year's books.

Thank you!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Busenlehner Family

Just imagine waking up with this beautiful view as your back yard!  This is exactly what the Busenlehner family does.  I can only imagine that  this is every child's playground fantasy!!

This past weekend I had the chance to go exploring with some pretty awesome families. I realize that seeing all these pretty amazing places and capturing some really fun moments is probably the main reason whey I cannot solely commit to an office job.

The Busenlehner's were kind enough to call on me for this year's family session! I remember having photographed little Andrew for his one year session and it is amazing what a couple of years can do.

Andrew's smile was most definitely contagious and I love how enthusiastic he was about his photos!!
Andrew loves his sisters, Madi and Melissa, and I thought it was so adorable the way he called on them, loved on them and followed them around.

He is one lucky guy!

Mom and dad are always a blast to photograph.  They truly have an amazing place to call home and I would like to thank them for having me over this past weekend. It was a great day discovering and appreciating one of Alabama's hidden oasis.