Monday, October 3, 2016

Jenifer & Shawn

All I have to say about this is Jenifer and Shawn's wedding day is one to write down on the books on so many levels.. Where should I start?  Should I talk about how PERFECT the weather was?  Lower temps, sunny skies, a perfect fall day.. Or should I brief on how perfect Jen looked and what an awesome couple they are.  Maybe I should also mention that Jenifer and I have known one another when New Kids on the Block was cool and tight rolled jeans were in??

Needless to say, no matter what angle I approach this blog, I must add that despite all the perfections that were in the cards I could not fight off my nausea that day.  This was a challenge within itself.  Sure I have photographed weddings with a cold or recovering from the flu.. which was hard enough but nausea is another obstacle within itself. It was like the room was spinning all day no matter what I did.

All I could think of was.. I don't want to throw up during the ceremony.. please lord, let me make it through to send off.. Thankfully, Rhonda, my awesome friend and extremely talented second shooter was there to help pick up the slack. 

Despite some of my own personal challenges I had to deal with internally throughout the wedding day, I must say how proud I am of having been there to experience the wedding of Jen and Shawn.

There were so many friendly and familiar faces that I have not seen in years! It really meant the world to me that Jenifer had me in mind for her wedding to Shawn from day one. Letting her down was the last thing that I was wanting to do!!!

Jenifer and Shawn have made a home in Orange Beach.  They both have dream jobs and are living the good life that involves music, entertainment, water and fresh air. 

So happy to have reconnected with Jenifer, the Bullock and Fine families!! It was an amazing day despite a few challenges that were sent my way and I wish nothing but the best for this amazing couple as they start a new chapter together.

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