Wednesday, June 1, 2016

DG & Sarah

The ceremony and documentation of DG and Sarah's wedding this past Saturday was a very rewarding experience for me.  Not only is the Birmingham Greek Orthodox church stunning, rich in history and tradition but the intimate crowd gathered around to witness the vows of DG and Sarah were sweet and sincere.

Prior to this day, I had never met nor spoken with the bride or groom, so I was excited to meet them both and witness the beginning of a new chapter for them and their families.

They will be celebrating in South Carolina this weekend with friends and family with a festive wedding and reception, so I was happy to help jump start this week long celebration for them!

I know it will be nothing less of a good time and I would personally like to thank Libby, a dear acquaintance and very talented artist, who kept me in mind for her son and now daughter-in-law's beautiful and sacred ceremony.

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