Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Baby Issac

This past weekend I had the opportunity to reunite with Sarah and Tom!  I cannot believe it has been seven years since we last saw one another and I could not have been more happy that they thought to call me when their first born, Issac arrived.

I had the opportunity to photograph their engagement and wedding several years back so it was a lot of fun having these guys in front of the camera again, plus one!

Issac is definitely their pride and joy!  He is perfect in every way and did not shed one tear throughout our session.  Such a big boy already!

Their pup, Merlin, seems to enjoy having a little brother to look after and it is amazing how quickly the pup has taken a liking to the new family addition.  Merlin couldn't resist getting in on a few shots as he looks on cautiously at the new baby.

It was so great to catch up with these guys again!  I couldn't be happier to see them doing so well as they start, yet again, a new chapter to the book of life! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this milestone as well. It was a great honor!!!

Congratulations to the Stewart family!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Jes & Wil

I have so much to say about Jessica and Wil's wedding day.. First of all .. THANK YOU  a hundred times for making this such an amazing experience.  I not only got to capture some really sweet memories for Jes but I also got to take part as an actual guest and not just as her wedding photographer. This approach allowed me to not only capture her day but celebrate with her as well.

It isn't too often that I get to see Jessica and it is even more rare to have all our college friends under the same roof so this was special for so many reasons... not to mention Jessica's own dad officiated the ceremony.

The intimate wedding ceremony was beautiful!  Wil and Jessica said their vows at the Bicentennial Park in downtown Nashville June 17th at 6pm in front of some of their closest friends and family.

I left Nashville with a camera full of images and a head full of memories.  I was happy to have had the opportunity to get to know the groom's family and friends a little bit better as well as spend time with friends that I don't get to see too often.


Friday, June 10, 2016

Kindall & Chase

I apologize in advance for the lengthy blog post.  I don't see how I could make this post any shorter as Kindall and Chase's wedding day was filled with so many details and moments that I was really having a hard time choosing!!

I guess I could start from the beginning when she first reached out to me after her engagement to Chase.  We all grew up in the Gardendale area so for me to have the opportunity to photograph another wedding full of so many people I have come to know and care for is always a blessing to me.

I had been looking forward to this wedding all year and it was nothing less of what I was expecting. Kindall did not disappoint with her exquisite style in clothing, and colors.. Every detail was beautiful and noteworthy.

With the recent passing of her dad a few years, it was a very bittersweet day for Kindall and the family! You could sense her dad's presence with the love and beauty from the day. She walked down the aisle with a locket on her ankle Chase had purchased for her. Inside was an etched photo of her dad smiling and she also had a heart pinned inside of her gown from one of her dad's shirts..

I can't say enough about the hospitality and celebration between the Cornelius and Jones families. As I looked around the room, I felt home.. So many familiar faces reminded me how blessed I am to be from Gardendale.. and even more blessed to have those from my hometown keep me in mind for the important moments that they want to be remembered.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Baby Lilli

I've been anticipating the arrival of Lilli for the past several months as her beautiful mom and personal friend of mine, Stacie, is gracious enough to keep me in mind when it comes to capturing those important moments in life.

Lilli decided to grace herself during the week of my vacation and of course the following week I had an out of town wedding.. so time was of the essence in making sure we were able to fit this little girl in.

Where there is a will, there is a way... and that is what we did. This past Friday, prior to leaving town for a wedding, I decided to pay the Cotton fam a little visit with my camera.

Everything was just as I'd hoped.. Stacie never ceases to amaze me with her awesome sense of style. She had a gorgeous color pallet of pastels that included intricate details of lace and floral patterns and new big sis Mackenzie was ready to help!

As always, it is more than just a portrait session with these amazing friends and clients.. These sessions are experiences for me as I enjoy reflecting on the little behind the scene details and moments with people who I've grown up with.

Thank you again Stacie for giving me the honor to photograph another beautiful newborn baby girl as it wasn't that long ago I was photographing Mackenzie's newborn session.