Wednesday, April 27, 2016

On a Personal Note

For every memory I have of my college years, this beautiful lady was in them... so it brings me great joy that I capture this new chapter of memories that are unfolding so perfectly for her! Laura's smile is contagious and if you know her... you will always see her joking, smiling and being that fun girl you want to meet..

Forrest has been a lot of fun getting to know the past year and when we usually all hang out, it is a always a good time! These two are perfect for one another and I couldn't be happier to see these two bring much joy in one another's life.. I enjoy seeing my dear friend giddy in love and just looking at these photos, you can see the joy on their faces.  They can't keep from smiling when around one another.. it is contagious.

Dakota, on the other hand has some adjusting to do.. Sharing the love isn't her specialty.. but you know I'm kidding because this little furry lady has got it made as she still appears to be queen of the casa.

Laura has found someone who completes her, brings out the best in her and it just warms my heart to see her with Mr. Right!  I am sending much love and warm wishes to her in the next several months as she embarks on a new journey with the man of her dreams!! Congratulations Laura and Forrest!!  I couldn't be happier for you both and am excited about celebrating this time with you all.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Amelia Katherine

Ameila Katherine is here and she is perfect... I have been anticipating the arrival of this beautiful baby girl as I am always excited to see how they look in person because I've only had the faint image of the sonogram to go by for the past several months...

She is a perfect, healthy bundle of joy that big brother Carter seems to have taken a liking to.  He is doing so great with her and even got to hold her a couple of times during the session.  He's still a tad curious at those little hands and feet and it's hard to believe that Carter was once a newborn just a few short years ago.

I've really grown fond of getting to know the Roger's family as the dynamics of the family grow and change.  It's been a very rewarding experience and Amelia Katherine is nothing less than perfect.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Robert & Elizabeth

Congratulations to Robert and Elizabeth on their marriage this past Saturday!! They were married at 6 o'clock in the evening on April 16th, 2016 at The Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church.

So many details and moments can be found on a wedding day that the photo opportunities almost always seem endless!  The wedding of Elizabeth and Robert was that and more! I enjoyed being there to witness and document this gorgeous day for them!

This past year I have cut back a lot with photographing and documenting weddings.. as I really feel it takes a special client who wants their wedding day captured as is with very little direction.. and Elizabeth wanted just that.  her wedding day story told.

It really was perfect as I left at the end of the evening feeling refreshed and revived to have experienced capturing all the love and joy that was found that day.

Ofcourse, I have only began with sorting, editing and selecting all these moments but I did happen to come across a handful that hopefully will help give you an idea of how precious their wedding day was!

Robert and Elizabeth had a beautiful ceremony located at Vestavia Hill's United Methodist Church and their reception was downtown at the Florentine Building. Everything about their evening seemed to fall effortlessly into place! It was perfect!  I would personally like to congratulate Elizabeth and Robert as well as thank their family and friends for such a wonderful time.   

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New Bundles

So many expressions and just two weeks old!  It is an exciting time for the Hood family as they welcome the latest addition into their home..  Ms. Evelyn Drury Hood is perfect!  I got to meet her for the first time this past Monday.

She is bound to have good genes and talent running through her veins.  With her beautiful mom, Britni and her rocking daddy Adam as well as big sis Ashlyn.. lil Dru is as lucky as they come!!

I enjoyed my little road trip to Tuscaloosa and feel that these images were well worth my drive!  We have such a limited time before Adam had to return to the open road as he has been touring in Texas that we knew it was now or never to grab those newborn shots we needed.

It is always with great honor that these guys choose me to take on their greatest and latest adventure together as new parents! Thank you and congratulations!!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Power of Family

This past weekend I had a chance to spend a little bit of much needed time with the wonderful, one and only, Edmonson family!  There are so many memories I have of this beautiful and loving family through the years. that it was with great honor that I have Emily ask me to take her family's portrait!

We are all from the same hometown and I became good friends with Emily in high school and we remained close throughout our college years and well on into our professional years.

Like every friend, time and life happenings can get in the way and it is easy to loose touch.. so when I learned that her mother was diagnosed with cancer and is going for chemo treatment the following week.. I knew that it was a priority that I schedule these guys on my calendar.

It has been a handful of years since I have had the opportunity to hang out them all.  They know how to keep their spirits up in times of need and it was like no time had passed since we have last spoken. We enjoyed joking and laughing together as we caught up on old times and memories.

I ask that you keep this loving family in your thoughts and prayers as they go down a new journey together.  Life is a precious gift and no words can describe having the honor to capture not only the fleeting moments of loved ones but taking part with a very delicate situation and memorable time that this family would probably rather not experience.

I am wanting to send well wishes to Mrs. Edmonson and the family as they experience the next several months of treatment together.  We will be praying for you all!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Fam

I literally probably have done hundreds of family sessions over the past decade as a photographer but I rarely do have a professional session with my own family.  I was so happy to hear that my cousin Kelly was interested in hiring me for her very own family session..

My first cousin Kelly, her husband Bill, and my second cousin Aaron as well as his girlfriend Rachel were in attendance.

She was wanting something rustic as she loves the outdoors.. These guys use to have horses, so I knew the perfect place where they would feel right at home.  Thank you to my very hospitable friends who allowed us to use their beautiful land..

Frass, one of the horses, decided to come say hello and grab a photo during our session. We couldn't turn the little Filly down for a few poses!

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I was happy to end my day with my family and photos! They did a great job and I enjoyed bossing them around for a few. They took directions well as I must say, it is a different perspective when you are photographing the family for the first time.