Monday, December 19, 2016

Laurel Grace

Such a great time well spent with the Hughes family last week.  I always enjoy our sessions together!  This go around, we had us a new addition to the family sessions.  Her name is Laurel Grace and she is just three months!!

I must admitt that this little lady has got it made!  Laurel Grace has two awesome older siblings to help look after her!  Audrey and Jonah continued to shower their new baby sister with love and affection during our session, that it made photographing this trio all the more sweet!

Laurel Grace's first photo session with me was special as I have had the amazing opportunity to watch and photograph Jonah and Audrey grow up over the years.

Hats off to Kevin and Lindsay as they celebrate their first Christmas together as a family of five!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


I got to see Madaline again today for her head shots!!! She is doing the Ms. Reflections pageant this year at Bragg Middle School. It sounds like she is going to have an awesome time and by judging how natural she is in front of the camera, this pageant is going to be a walk in the park for her!!

She has the prettiest smile and such a beautiful head full of hair that I know she is going to look perfect for the big event!!

It's amazing to think that over ten years ago I met Madaline for the first time for a handful of photos. As a matter of fact, I do believe we did some black and white head shots of her for a canvas.

This little lady was just four years old at the time!  Having the opportunity to put Madeline back in front of the camera again was special for me.  Thank you so much !!!

I'd love to wish her the best of luck and also hope that she has an awesome time at the pageant!!

An Irish Christmas

Twelve days and counting!!  The Christmas countdown will soon be in the single digits and so will my portrait sessions.  We are on the final homestretch of some really fun, awesome and creative sessions for some of my clients.

I have really come to admire Kristen with her beautiful sense of style and grace.  She has an awesome vision when it comes to incorporating themed photos for Christmas time.  It really adds a lot for dramatic effect and, I mean.. anyone who can control a huge IRISH WOLFHOUND has my respect!

Deeds is just barely one year and can easily see over my head if she were to jump up on me!

Last year, Kristen and I met and she asked if I would be interested in doing a photo for her cards last year when Deeds was just a pup.. so I was extremely happy to hear from these guys again for this year.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Harrison Minis

Did someone say freeze warnings were in effect for the Birmingham metro and surrounding areas? If so, it didn't make a difference for the Harrisons!  They endured the extreme cold temperatures that came in last night and still looked like the rock stars that they are!

I was really happy that we were able to meet again for this year's family photo!  The Harrison family has been kind enough to keep me in mind for the past few years when it comes to photographing the boys so it has been something I have come to look forward to!

Sam and his little brother Finn did an awesome job. They have never been to Sloss Furnaces before so I was happy that we were able to meet there for this year's photos. They seemed to enjoy having the chance to explore and seemed amazed at the how large the old pipes were!

Sloss is one of those locations that I never grow tired of going to! I'm so happy that this place is in our hometown.  It doesn't matter how many times I photograph there.. it is always as though it is my first time.

Such a great spot to take photos and to make it even better, I had one of the sweetest families to work with!

Great day for sure!

Senior Minis for 2017

Are you a current senior who is preparing to graduate this May?  Were you disappointed with how your senior portraits turned out or did you hate the outfit choice and wish you had a 'do over'?

If so... I feel that the SENIOR MINI SESSIONS are a great way to grab some quick, fun, candid, lifestyle shots you really wanted without spending a fortune or a whole lot of time when you really just want a few awesome shots to post on social media and wallets to hand to your friends and family.

 The Holiday Mini Sessions I always offer from October through December has had such a great response that I honestly feel that I should start incorporating smaller versions of the 'full' sessions that are offered.

I am a firm believer of mini-sessions for so many reasons.. I will be happy to name a few...

For starters, they cost less, they take up less time, there isn't overkill with hundreds of photos when all you realistically need is one or two GREAT shots and not to mention.. it's a win/win situation for that individual who loves photos but doesn't love being in front of the camera posing for any lengthy amount of time.

Now.. these little sessions aren't for ALL .. If you LOVE having your photos taken and want many different poses and multiple back drops then might I suggest a full session that typically last closer to an hour.

If you want a mini-session but you want the high resolution files ?  No worries.. this can be substituted with an additional fee of $175 to include 25 high res files instead of 25 low res files.

Senior Mini sessions for $135 is only good for individual portrait sessions.  Unfortunately, this price does not carry over to family or newborn sessions due to different session requirements.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Marchant Fam

The Marchants and I get to meet again!!  I love hearing from Amy and Jason as they are always so much fun to keep up with and catch up on with life.  This beautiful couple invited me to their new home for a last minute session yesterday afternoon.

Everything looked perfect at the new place.  I loved everything about the home from their spacious yard to the high ceilings with the abundance of windows that filled the foyer area.  Great job guys on the awesome find!

Ofcourse these guys were needing some fun, festive photos for Christmas and as always, these guys were dressed perfectly for the occasion!

Stella has recently turned one year, so this is her first Christmas where she is able to walk, play with her toys, and enjoy the yummy foods that the holiday will bring our way!  She is learning about the Christmas tree's ornaments and is already excited about giving gifts as she handed me one from under the tree!!

Just precious!!!

Loved hanging out with these guys yesterday afternoon that I hope I get to see them all again soon.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Nina & Max's Mini

 It wasn't but just a couple of months ago that I was honored to photograph Nina's newborn session, so it only made sense for this year's Christmas photo session to be quick and easy!  It started out as a rainy, soggy morning earlier this week but thankfully our session took place in the comfort of their home!

Not only were we wanting to grab something festive for this year's card but also capture Max for his three year photos.  His birthday is just around the corner!

I was happy that we were able to capture a few key shots and I never grow tired of photographing these two.  They have smiles that can brighten any day and don't get me started on that head full of dark hair!!  Gorgeous!!!!

The Slovensky Session

 We are on the final homestretch of Christmas and holiday portrait sessions!! It's always so much fun going into a client's home and seeing their decorations.  This year, I had the opportunity to see the not so little anymore Hudson and his new baby sister, Gloria.

I had the opportunity to to work with this family when Hudson was just a little baby himself a couple years back, so this was a great chance for me to not only see the little fella again but meet his beautiful baby sister!

Hudson has his own tree out in the family sun room.. so we of course needed to take advantage of this. I learned that Frosty the Snowman is his favorite Christmas character at the moment. His mom read to him as he looked and listened intently to the story.

I left the session with the Frosty Song in my head and a smile to the heart.  Little kids around Christmas are always so adorable to photograph and observe.

Monday, December 5, 2016

The Woodruff Family

When Allison contacted me a handful of months back to book me for their family Christmas portrait we both learned fairly quickly.. where there is a will, there is a way!

We must have had to reschedule at least 3 times prior and juggle around a few dates before we were able to meet up for photos!

Thankfully, we pressed on until we both found a time and day that could work and when we did finally meet up, we could not have asked for a more perfect morning!

The reason why it was harder to put something down in the books was because it involved a tad more planning and driving!  They have a family lake house off of Smith Lake, which isn't an easy drive to get to.. but I totally could relate to this request.. because I myself have been a lake going gal since I was a baby myself!

The morning drive up was so refreshing as there was very little traffic on the country back roads.  I could see the fog lifting off of the fields and water and thought to myself how I wish I could have more of these off the beaten path sessions!

It was a great way to start my morning out in mother nature!  I was more than honored to make the drive for these guys as I know how special it was for me growing up on the lake when I was Collin's age.

I know that for years to come this beautiful retreat will hold many memories for the family as it did for me!

Howell Mini Session

We are just shy of Eloise's one year photos.. so these guys decided to get in on a quick mini-session for this year's Christmas photos. I was thrilled that they decided to do so!

Thankfully, this past Saturday morning we were able to beat the rain and had the most perfect, soft lighting created by the looming clouds that threatened rain..

I just loved Erin's color pallet choice for their first family Christmas photos! Such a festive style full of character! I really feel that her choice of vivid colors really helped get in the spirit of things for the upcoming holidays and look forward to seeing which image they end up choosing!

A baby's first Christmas is always such a special time to remember that I was so happy to see these guys on the books this year!

I was really pleased to see we were able to grab some really sweet, heart warming smiles of their #1 girl!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Dobbs Family

 When Lisa contacted me about doing their family photos again this year it reminded me I had not spoken to my dear friend in well over a year!!  How did we let this happen?  I didn't even realize she had moved and that her beautiful mom was engaged!!

What an exciting time for everyone!!  This is what happens when you don't keep touch, you almost don't know where to start when you do meet up. How to catch up on lost time is almost impossible.

Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to seeing everyone this past Sunday for the Dobbs family session.  When I did see my sweet friend Lisa for the first time in ages, it was like no time had passed at all.. We always say, this is how you know who your friends are.  You can always pick up where you left off.

All the babies aren't babies anymore!!  They have discovered how to pose and smile on cue..they are all so precious.  I love that all the cousins have so much fun when they get together and play.  They are already the best of friends and what makes things better is that they will forever be family!!!

So many sweet moments to capture with everyone and I am reminded not to wait so long until next time I see these sweet faces.