Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Brooke's Prom

Brooke is celebrating the end of her senior year in style!  She attended her prom this past weekend and I was asked to photograph a few of her all dressed up. I don't blame her for wanting a few shots all dolled up.. it isn't everyday that we get to dress up in ballgowns and sequins!

She looked perfect in everyway!!

The Mortimer Jordan High School held their prom at Cullman's Stonebridge Farms this year. This location made some of the best back drop for photos.

Brooke's gown was the perfect dress to twirl and dance in and the details were just gorgeous!!

I know that in a couple short months they will be preparing to graduate from high school.. so I was thrilled to help capture , if only a moment in time, this beautiful and special time in her life!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

TSSI Products

The past couple weeks have been filled with ventures into some awesome businesses located throughout Alabama.  I went from convenience stores, popular BBQ hang outs as well as a popular burger joint.

What do all these places have in common you may ask..  I'll give you a hint.. It typically is very much enjoyed frozen.

Yes!!  The TSSI company has a variety of amazing products that you may have many a time enjoyed without even knowing it!  

My personal favorite was the Bushwacker Machine that is installed at Moes BBQ.  

I did learn something new!!  Milo's famous Sweet Tea also uses one of their products and offers an all time favorite classic slushy.  This fun and refreshing treat can be found at THE STORE located in Pell City!!  

I did have a sip and if you love ice cold sweet tea, then you are going to really LOVE it as a slushy.  I have a feeling that this will not be my last Milo's slushy!!

Tommy's store Liberty Convenience was another really cool location that I visited.  In this family friendly store he has an amazing display of Frozen Yogurt and toppings with his TSSI machine!  I can guarantee you that this will most definitely be worth a quick stop along any travels you may have planned.

Ofcourse, one of my favorite lunch hot spots when I crave a burger has a TSSI machine!!  I was happy to hear this.  Hamburger Heaven has some amazing milkshakes that they make with their yogurt machine.

Now, who is hungry?

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Readings with Millie

It is literally 4 months to the day since Millie has joined into her forever home with us.  As many of you are already familiar with what a hot mess she was and untrusting of everyone earlier on.  We have since then set a lot of goals over the past couple months.. where as with the majority of 'normal' dogs, these goals may seem like a walk in the park.. but to Millie, these goals have been very challenging and are huge milestones.

Not only is she preparing for her first 5k in April for the annual Mutt Strut ( where as she use to not be able to complete one mile )but she is also working on her social skills through the GBHS read to dogs program at the Homewood Library. There were several other people who volunteered and brought their dogs.  Every dog was being loved on by a child.  It was so sweet to see the nurture and attention these children would show each dog.

Millie met so many sweet, caring children who would come up to read their favorite books to her.  She didn't quite know what to think of these little humans who she's never encountered before.  She stood quietly as they practiced reading.  Her head was held low and her tail was tucked beneath her (progress) as before she would pee out of fear and collapse when approached by strangers.

I sensed she was a little scared but was still trusting of these children as she stood on by my side. I was proud of her!  I realize that there are still going to be new situations that will make her feel uncomfortable and unsure of her surroundings but the most important thing is SHE DID IT!  

You can't grow without being a little uncomfortable from time to time, so I still feel that it doesn't matter how much time goes by, I am still wanting to continue to seek out new challenges for her.

I don't think she has ever in her life experienced so much love and attention at one time.  She didn't know what to do with herself.. 

The GBHS hopes to have these weekly reading sessions after school every Monday.  I do hope that Millie can continue going to meet with the children and let this be a learning experience for her as well.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Welcome Tallulah

 Oh goodness!!  I couldn't wait to post these sweet moments of Tallulah with her new big sis, Eloise.  Ofcourse, everyone got the chance to love on Ms. Tallulah.. She was up for anything.. I didn't hear a peep out of her and she had no complaints.. Can I say perfection?!?

Typically with newborn sessions, we atleast need one feeding break but nope.. not this trooper.  She not only didn't need a feeding during our session but she wanted to stay awake the whole time and observe all the action.  I'm hoping she slept extra good that night so that the new mom and dad could catch up on rest.

Eloise, her big sis, seemed to have a lot to celebrate.  Not only is she the new title of 'big sister' but she just celebrated her 2nd birthday this past month.  She loved snuggling up to her new sister and being able to hold her! 

She proved her big sis status well!!!

Anyways, a big congratulations to the Howells as they embark on their new journey as parents of two beautiful baby girls.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Eli's First Birthday!!!

This past weekend, I was so happy to take part and be a witness to Eli's first birthday! There were so many friends and family members who came far and wide to cheer this big boy on as he embarks the wonderful world of 'toddlerhood'..

His mommy did a fantastic job with all the cute details and that helped literally tie everything together.. as Eli's signature look is known for his adorable bow-tie collection.  The cake, cookies and gift favors all could be seen with this perfect accent added.

Eli brought his game face and was able to greet all the guest, eat all his food and enjoy the festivities that were offered.  He did enjoy getting a little messy with his first cake but didn't seem too particularly fond of the clean up that had to occur after-the-fact.

He is a popular little boy and I loved seeing everyone there to help commemorate this big day for the little guy! Happy Birthday Eli!  I know this year will fly by just as quickly as your first year did.. So enjoy every, single minute.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018



Now this is a face that makes anyone gush over!!  Big brown eyes.. a head full of dark hair and I would be crazy not to mention he is a sharp dressed little man!  What a great style Eli has greeted me with for this round of photos.

Last time I saw this little guy he was just sitting up.. I must admit he was just as cute then too!!  So I think it's safe to say he is just as cute as can be and I don't foresee this changing :-D

Eli is a year and is running full speed ahead.  His mommy said he started walking around 9 months, so needless to say.. he has had a good few months of practice!

It was so great to see Eli again for photos and I know we were able to capture some of his cute expressions he shared with us.  He was stingy with his smiles but he was nice enough to sneak in a few of them for me to capture..

Thank you for that Eli! 

His smile is contagious, so I'm happy to share these sweet baby grins with you all!!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Corporate Ventures

For the past handful of months I have really enjoyed freelance work for an Austin based company that hires photographers to come out and document local businesses within my district.  It has been a lot of fun and very rewarding to have the opportunity to meet many different types of business owners.

So far I've met chefs, wine connoisseurs, restaurant owners, auto dealers, peanut distributors, mechanics, vape specialist, health and fitness coaches and so much more!!  It has been a lot of fun for me!

I always leave the sessions feeling like I've learned a little bit more about their industry.  It is evident that these professionals and business owners are passionate about their work and it really leaves me feeling inspired about my own line of work.

Here are just a handful of the friendly people I have come across during these sessions.