Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Millie - Day 1

For the past month or two I have been volunteering at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS) and just within the short time I have been there, it has changed my life for the better.  I have become not only more aware and hands on with some of the sweetest, most loving dogs I've ever met but it also brought me to her.. whom I have decided to name 'Millie', which in some cultures, this name's meaning stands for determination and strength.. which I found very fitting for her situation.

I discovered Millie on the GBHS lost and found section ten days ago and for those ten days my mind wondered to her picture.  She looked defeated, sad, unloved.. and it was that moment, I wanted to be the one to show her love and be her shelter for when she is scared. That day I discovered her photo, I made sure to contact whoever I could to let them know I felt convicted to take her as my own if the GBHS would find a way to let me help her heal and recover.

Thankfully the staff worked with me and has agreed to let Gary and me foster her through the GBHS foster program and eventually.. we are wanting to adopt her once she is healthy enough. She was found as a stray and by the looks of her she has been without food for months!

She is a bit shy and timid.. she is unsure if she is allowed inside and she was almost too scared to move for the first half of her day at our home. She keeps her head down, as though she is scared to look you in the eyes and her tail has stayed between her legs for the most part...

This all slowly started to change when we picked her up to lay her on our couch. it was like a confident booster as though she was thinking.. 'Gee!!!  I must be good enough to be sitting with them." Her head raised slowly and I saw her tail wagging..

Success for Day 1!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Some of my favorite parts about visiting a home with a newborn is to observe how the new sibling is adjusting.  Sweet baby Stella doesn't quite know what to think just yet.. after all, her new sister came into her home just 7 short days ago!!

I must say, she is curious about baby Valyn but it didn't take long for her loving, big sister instincts to kick in and she was nothing but sweet and affectionate with her new sister.

It has been literally close to 8 months since I last saw the Marchant family for their Christmas photo session.  Amy had just discovered she was expecting again, so this session clearly is a great reminder that I should see my friends more often.

I always enjoy using our sessions as an opportunity to catch up with these guys.  It's always an honor that Amy and Jason have allowed me to come in and document their exciting journey together.  

Valyn was such a sweet baby and had very little complaints during her first photo session. 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Drennen Gage

I don't know where to start when it comes to the Turpin family.  They have been kind enough to keep me in mind for all of Hadley's sessions and now that their new baby boy has arrived, I was honored to take part with this new chapter.

Drennen Gage was born on the 1st of July.  He is a real life doll and I couldn't have been happier to meet him in person. Since we last hung out, these guys moved to a gorgeous brand new home. I enjoyed the tour as we started our session this past Sunday and found endless potential with the high ceilings and lovely window light.

Hadley is the big sis and she loves her new baby brother.  She was so good at holding his head and sitting still so he would be comfortable and she was very observant as mom and dad would dress and change her new baby brother too.  She's going to be such an awesome big sis!!

We were able to grab some cute photos of everyone interacting as a new fam and of course, Drennen didn't want to miss out on any of the action..So he made sure to keep his eyes wide open just about the whole time!

I really enjoyed catching up with this beautiful family, seeing Hadley again and meeting Drennen. The Turpin's are always a blast to hang out with and I am so excited to see the new beginnings they are having the the addition of Drennen as well as their recent move into a new home.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Scott & Raleigh

There was not an empty seat this past weekend for the wedding of Raleigh and Scott!  It was such a beautiful occassion down to every little detail.  This was my first wedding to photograph at Cullman's latest event space, LOFT 212..

I loved everything about the venue and felt right at home with the Reid and Motes family.

As many already know, I practically grew up with Raleigh's older brother from all the summer's spent at Smith lake in Cullman , so I would like to personally thank her big brother Graf for the referral.

It was great to be a part of such a wonderful celebration of two families joining together.  Raleigh's groom, Scott, was such a sweet heart and his daughter, Leighton was just adorable.  She has far succeeded the flower girl's duties.. She posed when asked, she was just a doll.. All smiles for sure!

Thank you again for making this one of my all time favorite weddings to put down in the books..

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Henry { mini }

Henry!!!!  Yay!!! I finally got to meet the little man.  I was there on his daddy and mommy's wedding day a few years back as their wedding photographer so, as always.. it is humbling and a great honor to carry on to their next chapter in life.

Henry just turned one this past Saturday, so he is not walking just yet but he seemed just fine sitting on the comfort of the quilt I brought for our mini session.

Our mini was the perfect fit for him.  We were able to get a few variations that I hope his mom and dad can enjoy to document this fun age.

It was most definitely a great way to start out my day.. Lower temps, sunny skies and a cute little guy to photograph!!