Friday, March 24, 2017

L.G. 6 months!

Just like that.. it is time for Laurel Grace's 6 month session.  I always look forward to seeing the Hughes family.  This go around, we decided to revisit the gardens as this time of year is perfect!  We couldn't of asked for a prettier afternoon earlier this week.  It is spring indeed!

Lindsay did a great job at color coordinating the outfits and I absolutely adored Audrey and Laurel Grace's matching green flower chiffon dresses.  They were perfect!

Ms. L.G. looked like a beautiful blooming flower, I might add, as she put the final touches of a handmade headband that she made earlier that day and little flower slippers that her mother had made.

It's all in the details!!

I am already getting excited about our one year session for fall... but first... I can't forget to savor up and enjoy this moment as I know that she will be one and walking before we know it!


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Jeremy's 6 Month

It always means the world when individuals contact me for a portrait session and inquire about my photographic services... It even means that much more when they come back for another session. This is the case for baby Jeremy!! I was blessed enough to meet this precious family for his newborn session and extra blessed to have them welcome me back to see how much this little guy has grown.

He is full of expression and he seemed to enjoy giving me a grin or two as well.  He has it figured out, sitting with his hand propped up on the chair,and he loves to roll and push up, making this look effortless!

This awesome family is always so much fun and I enjoy the home sessions we have had as to me, this helps give me a feel on what baby Jeremy is doing with each age group in the safety and comfort of his familiar surroundings.

He is rolling over really great and by the looks of it, he could be crawling any day! I think our session was a success!  Thanks guys!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chandler's Maternity

This past weekend I got to see Chandler again.. except this time she was the client!  I was thrilled to hear from her recently as she requested information from me for her maternity session.  Over the years I have seen her as a bridesmaid and guest at several of the weddings I have photographed so it was fun to have her as the client this time!

She and Traylon are expecting a baby boy in a few short months. This will be the first grand baby on both sides of the family so I know it is an exciting time for everyone!

These guys make a gorgeous couple and I can't wait to see what their baby boy is going to look like! I know he is going to be perfect!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Baby Jack

I had the best time yesterday morning hanging out for baby Jack's three month session.  I have done some work for Amy in the past with her daughter Lily Hope.. so it meant the world to me that she remembered to give me a ring for Jack's session.

When I walked over to meet Jack, he was all smiles and I knew that we were going to have a great time.  He gave me a big toothless grin as I seemed to hold his interest with baby talk. He seemed very interested in what I had to say!

Jack is three months old, so he was very aware and responsive towards my goofy self.. his eyes followed me and his expressions were priceless.

His sweet, beautiful momma made me feel right at home and I would like to thank her for the hospitality!  I can't wait to share these sweet moments with her, as I feel that a baby is only a baby for a short time and these memories can be very fleeting!!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Canary Gallery

The Canary Gallery is one of Birmingham's latest and greatest treasures and I was very excited when gallery owner, Libby Pantazis inquired with me about photographing her beautiful gallery space.

The gallery is located in the heart of downtown's historic district.  This prime location not only attracts art lovers but foodies, music lovers and night life... which I think it is safe to say that the downtown's historic district is by far my favorite place to go within the Birmingham area.

The Canary Gallery's new space fits perfectly on the corner of 2nd ave. and 22nd street. It's presence helps not only promote local artist and the arts but it also gives this area a sense of community and life to this district.

If you have not already stopped by to check out this beautiful gallery, I encourage you to do so! For the past handful of years I have witnessed some really positive and encouraging changes within Birmingham and I feel this great city will continue to thrive with the help and support of locals who work and live here.

I would like to personally thank Libby for helping to brighten up our city with her love of community and the arts.  Thank you!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

One Year Results

I wanted to share with you from Eloise's recent session how fun it is to create a series during your child's first year.  These guys decided to do one of my 'WATCH ME GROW' newborn to one year packages and it has been really neat putting this into perspective.

The impact of seeing the changes and growth during their child's first year was really neat!  With each session we had, we made sure to keep the location the same as well as a similiar time frame so for the end of the year, we could do something similiar to this concept.

I always am drawn to documentary and lifestyle portrait work because it is through these images where I can look back and notice not only how much Eloise has changed over the course of the year but her personality as well.

She truly was a blessing to have captured in front of the camera and I am secretly hoping to have more 'Watch Me Grow' documentary packages in the near future!!!! These are just so fun!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Eloise is One!


For the past year I have really enjoyed seeing the Howell family!  Erin and Patrick have always been a lot of fun to have in front of the camera.  I can remember a handful of years ago having photographed them for the first time on the University of Alabama campus for their engagement photos.

It's been a true honor and joy to have them include my photography services for their first born, Eloise!  Seeing her grow and change over the past year has been very rewarding.  This past weekend was our final session from their 'Watch Me Grow' package.

Looking back on all our sessions with her really is amazing to see how much can change within a year.

I loved our three part series, having taken place at the comfort of their beautiful home with each session.  From newborn, 6 month to her final session of one year, it is really something to look back and see the similarities yet changes that take place in a child's first year.

Thank you again for the opportunity!  I really enjoyed documenting this stage in Eloise's first year!!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Puerto Rico

For the past week I have been traveling through Puerto Rico with my husband and some of our friends.  It's been a very rewarding experience.  We rented a car and stayed along the southeast portion of the island.. which has some of the most beautiful beaches that I personally can recall from all my world travels.

Prior to our travels, I thought long and hard on what photo gear I wanted to pack and how in depth I would be photographing the region.  I wanted to leave my travels feeling refreshed and work free but at the same time, I would of hated myself for not bringing atleast one nice camera body and a select lens.. so after much deliberation, I decided on my fisheye because firstly,, it's such a small, compactable and light weight lens that it's easy to manage and walk around with .. and the later is because it captures the most of the environment within the frame.

I did find it aggravating when I saw a gorgeous shot of an individual fishing or walking on the street that would be perfect for my 50mm or a 30mm lens but I made my one lens choice work and was happy with the results for the most part.  The fisheye worked great for those large scenic shots when I wanted to capture the vastness of something.. such as the amazing 17th century apartment we rented while staying in Old San Juan.  It was inspiring to say the least, with high ceilings, heavy wooden shutters and doors, marble floors and an amazing open air space.

This little get-away left me with more appreciation for this region and the people that live there.  From hiking through the rain forest to swimming the Caribbean to exploring the aged cobblestone streets of Old San Juan.. it was all equally inspiring to capture.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Baby Cooper

I have really enjoyed meeting some of the fresh faces for the new year!  This past week I got to meet and photograph another beautiful newborn baby.. His name is Cooper and he just turned three weeks this past Friday!

He is a handsome little fella and I couldn't of been happier to take part with his first photo session. Krisi and Chase were kind enough to let me join in on their new chapter in life called parenthood. I was fortunate enough to document their wedding day so this means all the more to me to take on this journey..

These first time parents make a great team and capturing this time in their life has been very rewarding.  I love seeing these two as new parents and hope that they are enjoying this new year having a new name.. 'mom and dad'!